A 10-week schnitzel fest launches today

The Bavarian, the German-inspired restaurant and bar chain famous for its hearty meals and heartier steins, is launching a 10-week Schnitty Fest – dedicated to the humble schnitzel.

From today, March 31, The Bavarian restaurants nationwide will launch 10 new limited-edition schnitzel variations, which will be sold for just $10 each Wednesday over the course of the festival.

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A 10-week schnitzel fest launches today

The schnitzels on offer range from more traditional styles to more inventive ones.

There’s the Mexican, a crumbed chicken breast topped with corn chips, spicy beef, beans, cheddar, tomato salsa, coriander and sour cream.

The Nashville is a Southern-fried chicken breast made with a Nashville spice rub and topped with cabbage slaw, dill cucumber, potato gems and chipotle aioli.

There’s also the Schweineschnitzel, a giant 300g pork schnitzel served with cabbage slaw, lemon and fries, and for the vegan diners there’s the Veggie, which is made from potato and mixed vegetables and served with salad and chips.

The very Bavarian-inspired Oktoberfest schnitzel is a chicken schnitty served with sauteed potatoes, wurstsalat, pickled cucumber and mustard.

Schnitzels at The Bavarian usually cost upwards of $23 but all 10 on the Schnitty Fest menu will be sold for $10 on Wednesdays during the festival.

For more information on Schitty Fest at The Bavarian restaurants around Australia, visit the website.

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